At Fox Valley Presbyterian Church we have two youth groups. One for Middle School Youth(Grades 6-8) called Fisher Folk and one for High School Youth (Grades 9-12) called Fellowship of the Carpenter. Both groups can part in three different types of activities.

  1. Fellowship Activities where we experience God’s love for us as we have fun hanging out with each one another.
  2. Lessons where we grow in our faith as we consider different topics and ideas and grow together as a group in small groups.
  3. Service Projects where we are putting our faith into action as we serve other’s in Christ’s.

Our goal is that everyone would experience God’s Love, Grow in their Faith and Learn how to better serve others.

Fisher Folk

Fisher Folk sometimes just called FF is a group that Middle School youth attend. In normally takes places on Sunday evenings from 4:00pm to 5:30pm and our 3 core truths help guides the lessons and activities we participate in.

  1. I am chosen by God to be an important part of the family of God and I am adopted by God through the grace of Jesus Christ.
  2. I am created beautifully just as I am and I grow in my faith through spiritual practices.
  3. I am called to put God first, other’s second and myself third.

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Fellowship of the Carpenter

Fellowship of the Carpenter normally called FOTC is a group our High School youth attend. In normally takes places on Sunday evening from 5:30-7:30 and runs from September to Jun where it ends with our mission trip called Go N Serve. The activities and lessons are guided by our three core truths.

  1. I am chosen by God to begin following God’s plan and I am adopted as God’s beloved child adopted through the Grace of Jesus Christ.
  2. I am created by God to fulfill the good plans God has my life and to grow in my Faith through Spiritual practices.
  3. I am called by God to live my life in obedience to God and in service to others as an ambassador of Faith, Hope and Love.

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Youth Calendar

For a list of upcoming Youth events. Checkout the Youth Calendar.