What did you do at school today?

A rich environment is prepared each day. Experiences, both indoors and out, offer the children opportunities to explore the world around them, as well as to look inward and discover who they are and how they relate to their surroundings.

Each day, the children are invited to visit teacher-directed classroom centers and to enjoy open ended free play. Through planned and spontaneous activities, children are encouraged to wonder, observe, touch, create, predict, problem solve, pretend, and play. Of course, the hidden benefit of the fun in the classroom is LEARNING.

Daily Schedule

Greet and Gather
Hugs at the door, followed by daily check-in tasks begin each day.

Morning Circle Time/Team Meeting
During our morning “team meeting,” we greet one another, share news and plan our day, look at the calendar, read a story, and sing a song or two.

Indoor/Outdoor Large Motor Play
Movement is good for the body, brain and soul. Weather permitting, we get outdoors each day. When temperature and weather are too severe, we spend time playing in the gym.

Snack Time
Children take turns bringing a nutritious pre-packaged snack and beverage of 100% juice or milk to share with the class. A prayer of thanks is said for our gifts.

Open-Ended Free Play
Classroom Centers, including Science, Art, Sensory, Dramatic Play, Block/Transportation, Fine Motor, Games, Handwriting, and Reading are filled with theme-based activities, encouraging exploration and fun.

Teacher Directed Small Group
We explore a little further with smaller groups, encouraging the mastering of age appropriate developmental skills and encouraging curiosity and hands on learning.

Circle Time
During our second Circle Time, we enjoy stories, discussions, music, and movement.

Dismissal of Morning Students
Those students who only participate for part of the day are picked up.

Extended Day

  • Indoor/Outdoor Large Motor Play
  • Lunches brought from home
  • Free Play
  • End of Day Story