Fisher Folk

Fisher Folk is our Middle School Youth Group for grades 6 through 8. Normally this group meets from 4:00pm – 5:30pm on Sunday evenings. We have three different types of evenings themed around our mission statement Love, Grow and Serve.


Fellowship Activities

These activities are designed for youth to have a good time so that they will feel comfortable inviting a friend even if the friend has no church experience. Activities range from Indoor Snowball Fights to Goofy Games. Sometimes they are at the church other times we go off site.


Themed Group Lessons

These lessons with all three grades present that connect with a theme for the year. This year we are looking at different songs from the band U2. We talk about issues raised in the songs and connect them to the Bible. We are have connected some of them to activities such as the night we used a prayer labyrinth when we talked about prayer.

Bible Basics

The goal is to learn how to study the Bible and apply it to our lives. Youth receive a Study Bible from the church in sixth grade. Over a two year period they spend one year with the Old Testament and another with the New Testament. Practical ways to use and learn from the Bible are taught in preparation for the culminating experience of Confirmation Class.

Confirmation Classes

The Confirmands are encouraged to think critically about their faith with the goal that they can begin assuming responsibility of the vows their parents took for them at Baptism. The 8th grade Confirmands have a monthly meeting with a pastor and the other confirmands. They are paired with a mentor, a member of the church who meets with them to study and talk personally about what it means to be a Christian. Individual confirmands complete reading logs. These reading sets in which they answer a Review, Think and Apply question about the scriptures.


Service and Mission

We encourage our youth to experience what Jesus meant when he told us to love our neighbors. Some of the service projects/missions our youth participate in are the Olde English Faire, Caroling to Shut In’s, and Feed My Starving Children. Eighth graders have their first opportunity to go on the annual Go N Serve mission trip.